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development impact

As a first Private Equity in Azerbaijan, we support our clients to enable their potential for full business capacity. At the end, we recognize our main function as transformation of local solutions for Global Sustainable Goals.  

Our competitive advantages like extensive due-diligence, management capacities, and well-established access to global and local investors enable us to transform business model of our clients to sustainable and profitable one.  

Unlike traditional bank financing, we have an active strategy, clear understanding and responsibility on the business of our clients. We help them to optimize their operations, business processes, financial management, and implement best practices in governance, management and transparency.   



We target sustainability and success in a business of our clients, without compromising the SDGs.


Addressing the challenges through  breaking limits, outmoded habits enable us to deliver proactive approaches and adaptive solutions for profound transformation. 


We believe in power of integrity, best-business practices and sophistication. 


The economic potential of Azerbaijan is a key fundamental factor for successful positioning of our clients in local and global markets.  

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